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Sauveur Belviso


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Research scientist at CNRS

Sujets de recherche

Global biogeochemical cycles of sulfur compounds (DMSP, DMS, COS)

Etude à l’échelle planétaire des cycles biogéochimiques des composés du type DMS(P) et COS. Echanges gazeux océan-atmosphère-biosphère terrestre.


Dr. Sauveur Belviso is a senior researcher and has over 35 years experience in sulfur cycle research. He studied atmospheric chemistry at the University of Paris VII and obtained his doctorate in 1986 in biogeochemistry. His particular expertise is the application of field observations to the quantification and understanding of the global cycles of carbonyl sulfide and dimethylsulfide. He is the author of more than 60 publications in the reviewed literature. He was the vice-president of the SCOR Working Group 120 « Marine phytoplankton and global climate change : the Phaeocystis spp. Cluster as a model », 2002-2005.

Publications scientifiques

Selected publications

1. Belviso, S., B.-C. Nguyen & P. Allard. Estimate of carbonyl sulfide (OCS) volcanic source strength deduced from OCS/CO2 ratios in volcanic gases. Geophysical Research Letters 13 (1): 133-136, 1986.

2. Belviso, S., N. Mihalopoulos & B.-C. Nguyen. The supersaturation of carbonyl sulfide (OCS) in rain waters. Atmospheric Environment 21 (6): 1363-1367, 1987.

3. Belviso, S., P. Jean-Baptiste, B.-C. Nguyen, L. Merlivat & L. Labeyrie. Deep methane maxima and 3He anomalies across the Pacific entrance to the Celebes Basin. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 51: 2673-2680, 1987.

4. Nguyen, B.-C., S. Belviso, N. Mihalopoulos, J. Gostan & P. Nival. Dimethyl sulfide production during natural phytoplanktonic blooms. Marine Chemistry 24: 133-141, 1988.

5. Mihalopoulos, N., B. Bonsang, B.-C. Nguyen, M. Kanakidou & S. Belviso. Field observations of carbonyl sulfide deficit near the ground: possible implication of vegetation. Atmospheric Environment 23 (10): 2159-2166, 1989.

6. Belviso, S., S.-K. Kim, F. Rassoulzadegan, B. Krajka, B.-C. Nguyen, N. Mihalopoulos & P. Buat-Ménard. Production of dimethylsulfonium propionate (DMSP) and dimethylsulfide (DMS) by a microbial food web. Limnology and Oceanography 35 (8): 1810-1821, 1990.

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14. Belviso, S., P. Buat-Ménard, J.-P. Putaud, B.-C. Nguyen, H. Claustre & J. Neveux. Size distribution of dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) in areas of the tropical northeastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Marine Chemistry 44: 55-71, 1993.

15. Corn, M., S. Belviso, P. Nival, A. Vigot & P. Buat-Ménard. Downward flux of particulate dimethylsulphoniopropionate (DMSPp) in the tropical open ocean. Oceanologica Acta 17 (2): 233-236, 1994.

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18. Cailliau, C., S. Belviso, M. Goutx, A. Bedo, Y. Park & E. Charriaud. Sedimentation pathways in the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean during a production regime dominated by regeneration. Marine Ecology and Progress Series 190: 53-67, 1999.

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20. Belviso, S., U. Christaki, F. Vidussi, J.-C. Marty, M. Vila Reig & M. Delgado. Diel variations of the DMSP-to-chlorophyll a ratio in Northwestern Mediterranean surface waters. Journal of Marine Systems 25: 119-128, 2000.

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