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Chargé de Recherche au CNRS

Sujets de recherche

Deep Time Modelling (i.e. DTM) group's research interests focus on understanding the processes which have controlled pre-Quaternary climates, environments, and surficial processes in Earth history. To decipher the causal factors, a variety of numerical model describing climatic processes (atmosphere, ocean and ice-sheet), carbon and oxygen geochemical cycles are used. One theme of DTM group’s research deals with the cold periods of the Earth that are characterised by a low frequency when compared to the mean state of the Earth climatic system. This research has led to renewed debate regarding the nature of the factors causing greenhouse gases decline with an emphasis on the snowball Earth events occurring during the Neoproterozoic (800-600 Myr ago). More recently, DTM group has become involved in an exciting area of research focused on the description of the nature of the links between environmental changes and evolutionary innovation through time. Periods of major transitions of Earth climate / atmospheric composition and biologic evolution have been selected. These periods go backward from the rapid drop of methane in Early Earth Atmosphere during the great oxidation event (2.4 Ga, i.e. Paleoproterozoic) to the Late Paleocene Thermal Maximum, an abrupt and extreme warming event that took place during the "greenhouse" climate of the latest Paleocene (55 Myr). The key scientific question, DTM group intends to address is: “Through modelling studies and comparison with available data, can we establish links between global environmental pressure resulting from such perturbation and biologic evolution?”



2003-04           Contrat Post–Doctorale avec R.T. Pierrehumbert (Professeur, Dept. of Geophysical Sciences, U. Chicago)


2000-03          Thèse de doctorat de Paris 6. Dirigée par G. Ramstein, soutenue en Décembre 2003


1999-00           DEA. Université Bordeaux I


1997-99           Licence et Maitrise des Sciences de la Terre: Magistère des Sciences de la Terre, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon


1994-97           DEUG A, mention Science Pour l’Ingénieur. Université Jean Monnet (Saint Etienne)

Publications scientifiques


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