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Global Carbon Budget 2020 and latest changes of CO2 emissions + Interview de Philippe Ciais sur l’outil Carbon Monitor  


The Global Carbon Budget 2020 has been published Dec. 11 at GMT 1:00 a.m., with the publication of the ESSD paper from P. Friedlingstein et al. 
LSCE provided a contrtibution to this effort for the atmosphere, ocean and terrestrial carbon reservoirs and for emissions with F Chevallier, M. Gehlen, N. Vuichard, P. Ciais
Interview de Philippe Ciais sur l’outil Carbon Monitor sur le site de l’INSU :

  sur twitter :

National emissions to 2019 and global budget are on the Global Carbon Atlas updated with the help of P Brockmann and A Peregon 
Data, resources and material on the GCP web site :
Data on annual CO2 emissions projections for 2020  : 

Daily CO2 emissions updated until November 30 by the Carbon Monitor team :
Both methods are used by the Global Carbon Project to assess current emission changes
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Philippe Ciais
A. Mazaud, 2020-12-14 14:29:00
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