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"Climat et Impacts" Days, the 23-25 November 2020 on the Plâteau de Saclay


Climat et Impacts 2020

is maintained and will take place remotely

!!!!!  REGISTRATION and ABSTRACTS are welcome until OCTOBER 23rd !!!


registration  form and abstract template are available here

The description of the 9 sessions are available here



The 6th edition of the "Climat et Impacts" conference wil take place on 23, 24 and 25 November 2020 on the premises of the University of Paris-Saclay (École Centrale-Supélec, Orsay).

This new edition of the "Climat et Impacts" conference aims to bring together scientific expertise on current and past climate variability, its causes, its impacts on ecosystems and its repercussions on past and present human societies. The thematic fields addressed by these scientific days, listed here, are not exhaustive and concern: (i) climate variability recorded in natural climate archives (ice cores, marine and continental sediments, bio-carbonates, tree rings...) on different time scales (geological to historical), (ii) the dynamics of the response of biodiversity and continental and marine ecosystems to climatic and anthropogenic forcings and induced feedbacks, (iii) the predictability of future climates, (iv) the relationships between past human societies and their environment, (v) the social, economic and health sciences perspective on current climate change ...

The presentations will be divided into oral and poster presentations. A few invited presentations will open the sessions. As usual, a large space will be reserved for poster presentations and exchanges. For this purpose, we have rented the Joël Rousseau Theatre and a large Hall in the Eiffel building of the École Centrale-Supélec to comfortably organize these days. We will thus be able to accommodate the ever-increasing influx of participants that we have observed over the previous editions, without having to refuse registrations as was the case in 2018.




TWO prizes will be awarded for the oral and the best poster presentation by a young researcher !! apply !!



Scientific committee:

Franck Bassinot
Christophe Colin
Christine Hatté
Martine Paterne

Pierre ANTOINE - Annachiara BARTOLINI - Camille BESOMBES - Frédéric BOUCHARD - Maria Gracia BUSTAMANTE ROSELL - Thibaut CALEY - Cyril CAMINADE - Alizée CHEMISON - François COSTARD - Pascal DEPAEPE - François DJINDJIAN - Mary ELLIOT - Frédérique EYNAUD - Aline GOVIN - Eric GUILYARDI - Claude HILLAIRE-MARCEL - Simon KLEIN - Guillaume LEHIR- Lydie LESCARMONTIER - Yves LEVI - Christelle MARLIN - Olivier MOINE - Meryem MOJTAHID - Marie-Hélène MONCEL - Guillaume PARIS - Jean-François PASTRE - Gilles RAMSTEIN - Marie REVEL - Antoine SÉJOURNÉ - Pierre SÉPULCHRE - Sophie SÉPULCRE - Charlotte SKONIECZNY - Mathilde TRICOIRE - Anne de VERNAL - David WILGENBUS


Organisation committe:

Christophe Colin
Laboratoire GEOPS, Bât. 504
Université Paris Sud, 91405 Orsay Cedex
Tél. +33
Christine Hatté
LSCE, Bât. 714, CEA-Orme des Merisiers
Tél. +33

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