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On-going projects

Tracsymbols ERC Project (2010-2015)

PIs: Christopher Henshilwood (U. Bergen) and Francesco d'Errico (U. Bordeaux


In this project, I study the factors for climate variations during Marine Isotopic Stages 5a and 4


ACCENT LEFE (CNRS/INSU) project (2012-2015)

PI: Claire Waelbroeck (LSCE)


In this project, we study tropical-extratropical teleconnections during the last glacial-interglacial cycle, and in particular during the glacial abrupt events. I contribute climate simulations of abrupt climatic events and sensitivity experiments to analyse these teleconnexions.


SOCEAN French-Swedish project (2013-2016)

PIs: Svante Björck (U. Lund) and Elisabeth Michel (LSCE)


In this project, we study climatic changes over the southern ocean. I contribute paleoclimatic simulations and analyses over different stages of the last deglaciation


GAP French-Swedish project (2013-2016)

PI: Phlippe Peylin (LSCE) Peter Kuhry (U. Stockholm)


The goals of this project is to study the mechanisms for vegetation and permafrost changes during the last deglaciation. I contribute the corresponding climate forcing for the ORCHIDEE Dynamical Vegetation Model, which is being completed for boreal processes within this project.


OSCAR LEFE (CNRS/INSU) project (2014-2017)


PI: Sylvie Charbit (LSCE)

In this project, we will evaluate different types of snow model and implement new snow representations in Earth System Models. I will work on the IPSL coupled model. This is preliminary to improving the coupling between the GRISLI ice-sheet model and the IPSL climate model initiated with the COMBINE European project.


Past projects

Here I list the main projects which I coordinated or helped coordinating

  • 2005-2009: French ANR project IDEGLACE: impact of fresh water discharges on Europen Climate. 4 partners, 33 publications
  • 2009-2013: WP co-leader and IPSL representative in the COMBINE FP7 project (Comprehensive Modelling of the Earth System for Better Climate Prediction and Projection): our WP was about improving the representation of the cryosphere (ice-sheets, sea-ice and permafrost) in the state-of-the-art climate models.
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