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Christophe Rabouille

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Research activity

Researcher, Director of Research

Research interests

Aquatic biogeochemistry, early diagenesis of sediments, river-sea interface, biogeochemistry in coastal seas, in situ measurements using microsensors, diaganetic modelling 



International experience

Professionnal activities

Member of the RiOMar group (RiOMar Conference, 2004); reviewer of scientific journals such as L&O, ECSS, Biogeosciences, GCA, DSR, CSR

Ongoing programmes

PPR-RiOMar: Observing and anticipating the evolution of River-dominated ocean margins in the 21st century


Selected publications

Nmor, S., E. Viollier, L. Pastor, B. Lansard, C. Rabouille, and K. Soetaert (2022), Exploring temporal variations of sediment biogeochemistry under the influence of flood events using numerical modelling, Geo Mod. Dev., 15, 7325–7351, doi:

Dumoulin, J.-P., C. Rabouille, S. Pourtout, B. Bombled, B. Lansard, I. Caffy, S. Hain, M. Perron, M. Sieudat, B. Thellier, E. Delqué-Kolic, C. Moreau, and L. Beck (2022), Identification in pore waters of recycled sediment organic matter using the dual isotopic composition of carbon (δ13C and ?14C): New data from the continental shelf influenced by the Rhône River., Radiocarbon.

Ratmaya, W., A. M. Laverman, C. Rabouille, Z. Akbarzadeh, F. Andrieux-Loyer, L. Barillé, A. Barillé, Y. Le Merrer, and P. Souchu (2022), Temporal and spatial variations in benthic nitrogen cycling in a temperate macro-tidal coastal ecosystem: Observation and modeling, Continent. Shelf Res., 235, 104649, doi:

Sales de Freitas, F., P. A. Pika, S. Kasten, B. B. Jorgensen, J. Rassmann, C. Rabouille, S. Thomas, H. Sass, R. D. Pancost, and S. Arndt (2021), New insights into large-scale trends of apparent organic matter reactivity in marine sediments and patterns of benthic carbon transformation, Biogeosc., 18, 4651–4679, doi:

Ait Ballagh, F. E., C. Rabouille, F. Andrieux-Loyer, K. Soetaert, B. Lansard, B. Bombled, G. Monvoisin, K. Elkalay, and K. Khalil (2021), Spatial variability of organic matter and phosphorus cycling in Rhône River prodelta sediments (NW Mediterranean Sea, France): a data-model approach, Estuar. Coast, doi:

Brigolin, D., C. Rabouille, C. Demasy, B. Bombled, G. Monvoisin, and R. Pastres (2021), Early diagenesis in sediments of the Venice lagoon (Italy) and its relationship to hypoxia, Front. Mar. Sci., 7, 575547, doi:

Grégoire, M., V. Garcon, H. Garcia, D. L. Breitburg, K. Isensee, A. Oschlies, M. Telszewski, [...], C. Rabouille, and [...] (2021), A global ocean oxygen database and atlas for assessing and predicting deoxygenation and ocean health in the open and coastal ocean, Front. Mar. Sci., 8, 724913, doi:doi: 10.3389/fmars.2021.724913.

Rabouille, C., B. Lansard, S. Owings, N. N. Rabalais, B. Bombled, E. Metzger, J. Richirt, E. M. Eitel, A. Boever, J. Beckler, and M. Taillefert (2021), Early diagenesis in the hypoxic and acidified zone of the northern Gulf of Mexico: is organic matter recycling in sediments disconnected from the water column?, Front. Mar. Sci., 604330 doi:

Owings, S., L. Brethous, E. M. Eitel, B. P. Fields, A. Boever, J. Beckler, B. Bombled, B. Lansard, E. Metzger, C. Rabouille, and M. Taillefert (2021), Differential manganese and iron recycling and transport in continental margin sediments of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Mar. Chem., 229, 103908, doi:

Pruski, A. M., J. Rzeznik-Orignac, P. Kerhervé, G. Vétion, S. Bourgeois, E. Peru, P. Brosset, F. Toussaint, and C. Rabouille (2021), Dynamic of organic matter and meiofaunal community on a river-dominated shelf (Rhône prodelta, NW Mediterranean Sea): Responses to river regime, Est. Coast. Shelf Sci., 21, 107274, doi:

Baudin, F., C. Rabouille, and B. Dennielou (2020), Routing of terrestrial organic matter from the Congo River to the ultimate sink in the abyss: a mass balance approach, Geol. Belg., 23(1-2), 41-52, doi:

Capet, A., P. Cook, E. Garcia-Robledo, B. Hoogakker, A. Paulmier, C. Rabouille, and R. Vaquer-Sunyer (2020), Editorial: Facing Marine Deoxygenation, Frontiers in Marine Science, doi:

Ait Ballagh, F. E., C. Rabouille, F. Andrieux-Loyer, K. Soetaert, K. Elkalay, and K. Khalil (2020), Spatio-temporal dynamics of sedimentary phosphorus along two temperate eutrophic estuaries: a data-modelling approach, Cont. Shelf Res., 193, 104037, doi:

Rassmann, J., E. Eitel, C. Cathalot, C. Brandily, B. Lansard, M. Taillefert, and C. Rabouille (2020), Benthic alkalinity and DIC fluxes in the Rhône River prodelta generated by decoupled aerobic and anaerobic processes, Biogeosciences, 17, 13-33, doi:

Rabouille, C., B. Dennielou, F. Baudin, M. Raimonet, L. Droz, A. Khripounoff, P. Martinez, L. Mejanelle, P. Michalopoulos, L. Pastor, A. Pruski, O. Ragueneau, J. L. Reyss, L. Ruffine, J. Schnyder, E. Stetten, M. Taillefert, J. Tourolle, and K. Olu (2019), Carbon and silica megasink in deep-sea sediments near the Congo Canyon, Quater. Sci. Rev., doi:

Laruelle, G. G., A. Marescaux, R. Le Gendre, J. Garnier, C. Rabouille, and V. Thieu (2019), Carbon dynamics along the Seine River network: insight from a coupled estuarine/river modeling approach, Frontiers in Marine Science, doi:doi: 10.3389/fmars.2019.00216.

Bartl, I., D. Helleman, C. Rabouille, K. Schulz, P. Tallberg, S. Hietanen, and M. Voss (2019), Particulate organic matter controls benthic microbial  N retention and N removal in contrasting estuaries of the Baltic Sea, Biogeosci., 16, 3543–3564, doi:

Brigolin, D., Rabouille, C., Bombled, B., Colla, S., Vizzini, S., Pastres, R. and Pranovi, F. (2018) Modelling biogeochemical processes in sediments from the north western Adriatic Sea: response to enhanced particulate organic carbon fluxes. Biogeosciences 15, 1347–1366.

Wu, J., Rabouille, C., Charmasson, S., Reyss, J.L. and Cagnat, X. (2018) Constraining the origin of recently deposited particles using natural radionuclides 7Be and 234Thex in deltaic sediments. Contin. Shelf Res. 165, 106–119.

Burgos, M., Ortega, T., Bohoquez, J., Corzo, A., Rabouille, C. and Forja, J. (2018) Seasonal variation of early diagenesis and greenhouse gas production in coastal sediments of Cadiz Bay:

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Khalil, K., Laverman, A.M., Raimonet, M. and Rabouille, C. (2018) Importance of denitrification in benthic carbon mineralization in two eutrophic estuaries: modeling, observations and laboratory experiments. Mar. Chem. 199, 24-36.influence of anthropogenic activities. Estuar. Coast. shelf Sci. 200, 99 - 115.

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2010-2016: Master of oceanography, at UPMC-Paris. 8 hours/yr on early diagenesis from the data to models.

2004-2010: Master of Physics in the environment, University of Versailles (UVSQ). 20 hours/yr on chemical microsensors in the aquatic environment.

1995-2003: Master of Oceanography, University of Aix-Marseille. 20 hours/yr on biogeochemical transformations and transfers at the sediment-water interface including modelling.


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