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Eric Douville


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Chercheur / Researcher CEA since 1999 / HDR

1999-2002: position at Laboratoire de Radioécologie de Cherbourg-Octeville (IRSN)

2002-2010: position at Laboratoire de Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (LSCE/IPSL), Gif/Yvette. Group GEOTRAC: "Géochronologie, Traceurs, Archéométrie", Theme:"Transferts et traceurs dans l'environnement"

2010-2018: Person in charge of the group GEOTRAC "Géochronologie, Traceurs, Archéométrie"

Sujets de recherche

Inorganic geochemistry, U-Th and 14C dating, boron isotopes and trace elements in carbonates (corals/forams/speleothems) for the reconstruction of past environmental changes (paleo-pH, Ocean Acidification due to industrial era, global change). New geochemical proxies in archeological rests.


Dr Eric Douville is a CEA scientist in Marine Geochemistry & Geochronology. In 2002, he joined the Geochronology - Tracer - Archeometry Group of LSCE and, in 2010 he took the head of this group (GEOTRAC, ~20 staff members, 9 scientists, several PhD students, and 6 technicians). His PhD’s application (1996-1999) focused on the geochemistry of mid-oceanic-ridge hydrothermal fluids. Since 2000, he has been working on the impact of industrial activities on marine environments, and his first application was linked to radiocarbon releases from nuclear civil activities. At LSCE since 2002, his work has focused on authoring scientific national projects (INSU/Ile de France/Essonne) to renew and develop analytical instrumentation of the laboratory for inorganic and isotopic geochemistry: X ray – micro fluorescence coupled to Scanning Electron Microscopy (μXRF/SEM) in 2005, ICP-QMS in 2006 renewed in 2018, MC-ICPMS in 2010 and Laser Ablation system in 2011. Over the last few years, his research has been on the development of applying boron isotopes and trace elements (Li/Mg) in biogenic marine carbonates (corals) for the reconstruction of paleo-pH, paleo-temperature and Ocean Acidification. Recently, he chaired several researchers, engineers or PhD students (Clément Bourdin, Kevin Copard, Cécile Gonzalez-Roubaud, Markus Eisele, Kristan Cuny-Guirriec, Marine Canesi, etc.) or post-doc (Dr Delphine Dissard, Dr Henry Wu, Dr Lelia Matos, Dr Saksia Ryan) with main applications focused on carbonate geochemistry/geochronology but also on new proxies for archeological studies (Sr-isotopes).

At the LSCE, Dr. Eric Douville currently coordinates the CEA exploratory project COR-Density, the CEA-CSM convention concerning valorization of TARA-Pacific's coral cores and a bilateral French Portuguese project PHC PESSOA. In collaboration, Dr. Eric Douville coordinated or participated as WP leader to various projects (ANR-HAMOC, ANR-CARBORIC, INSU MISTRALS PALEOMEX-Thermohalin Transect, Expedition TARA-PACIFIC, etc.) with main objective to develop and use trace elements & boron isotopes in marine carbonates (scleractinian corals) to reconstruct ocean acidification and its impacts on corals for the Mediterranean Sea, the North Atlantic and for the Pacific Ocean. He also coordinated national programs INSU LEFE/CYBER/PHARE (2008-2010) & ACID-Antilles (2013-2014) for paleo-pH reconstruction and ocean acidification using tropical corals. He was also PI in the European FP7 project EPOCA (2008-2012) for reconstruction of ocean acidification for high latitudes using cold sea corals from the eastern North Atlantic margin. Some part of his current activities is dedicated to develop and apply some geochemical tracers in archeological rests (trace elements, radiogenic Sr-isotopes).

Publications scientifiques


Peer-reviewed articles

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