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Robert Vautard

Extrèmes : STatistiques, Impacts et Régionalisation



Senior scientist at National Centre for Scientific Research

Lead of L-IPSL excellence laboratory research program and climate services program at IPSL

Review editor of the Vth IPCC assessment

Research topics

Regional climate and energy modeling

How will european climate affect the weather and its variability in a few decades? How will this interact with energy transition need? This is one of the main question I want to address. This requires models that simulate the earth system, such as the IPSL global model, together with models downscaling both the climate and the impacts of its variability and changes at a much smaller scale. In particular I have been addressing the impacts of climate change on renewable energy sources. In order to fully understand this I have conducted projects and studies leading to a chain of models enabling investigation of the impacts of climate change on regional weather, renewable energy systems and also other factors affecting health such as pollens. 

Through the ongoing CLIM4ENERGY Copernicus C3S project, results of this research is provided as a demonstration of climate services.

Extreme events attribution

Another aspect of understanding climate change is through current climate. How does human-induced climate change affect the extreme events we are witnessing? We have developed methods to quantitatively investigate this questions. These methods involve mathematics, climate science and modeling. Throuogh several projects (EUCLEIA, EXTREMOSCOPE) our findings based on recnet cases show a general trend of heat wave and heavy precipitation events to have increased probabilities relative to a climate that "might have been without influence". The decription of such a pristine climate remains a challenge and an anchor to understanding future changes and adaptation to bring.

Scientific Publications

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