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The ICOS-RAMCES team has a double mission. The team ensures the long-term monitoring of greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O) over a network of 16 stations in France and globally. This represent the main part of the French Service National d'Observation ICOS Atmosphère.The measurements obtained at these sites include at least CO2 and CH4 while some sites are additionnaly equipped to measure radon, boundary layer height by lidar, total column of GHG, etc. This mission is comparable to an operational mission, high precision measurements being required to be available quickly and with limited interruption. The team works closely with the ICOS ATC team at LSCE, in charge of the Atmospheric Thematic Center of the ICOS research infrastucture, in order to refine measurement protocols, perform real-life tests, and foster innovation in european projects.

The team also contributes to research aiming at refining estimations of GHG fluxes from atmospheric measurements. This includes new species and tracers (radon-222, CO2, boundary layer budget), new measurements techniques, new regions or spatial scales (industrial site, urban or national scale), in synergy with modelling and inverse approaches.

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