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Laboratory for Sciences of Climate and Environment
LSCE is a large laboratory that pulls together personnels from CEA, CNRS and the Versailles-St-Quentin University.  It is located on the campuses of both the CEA-Orme des Merisiers and CNRS-Gif sur Yvette.  It is part of the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace that optimizes the work of several laboratories in the Paris area working in similar themes.  There are about 300 people working at LSCE, 150 of which hold permanent positions and several tens are working on a PhD.  
Since January 2015, LSCE is organized around 3 main scientific themes that regroup 4 to 7 teams working on similar subjects or with the same tools:
- Archives and tracers
- Biogeochemical cycles and transfers in the environment
- Cimate and cycles.  Modeling the variability and their interactions
The LSCE scientific activity is made possible thanks to the work of the support teams (Administration, Computing, security/infrastructures) 
Direction team :
Director : Philippe Bousquet

Deputy directors : François-Marie Bréon / Didier Roche / Franck Bassinot

Executive assistant : Catherine Huguen
Laboratory for Sciences of Climate and Environment

Word cloud made from the titles of LSCE publications between 2008 and 2013.

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