In the LSCE

– CEA researcher (emeritus), specialising in climate dynamics and archives, and LSCE communications correspondent (since 2007)


Thèmes: Paleoclimatology, Paleomagnetism


Birth : 02/05/1955 at Limoges , France


Ecole Normale Supérieure of Cachan (1975-1979).

Maîtrise de Physique, University of Paris Sud (1977).

DEA of Solid State Physics, University of Paris Sud-Orsay (1979)

Agregation in Physics (1978)

PhD Thesis, speciality Solid State Physics, Orsay France (1981)

Habilitation à diriger des recherches (1998)


1981-1984: Researcher assistant at the Paris VI University.

1984-1985: High school teacher (physics and chemistry) at Beauvais.

1985-1986: Teacher (physics and chemistry) in “Mathématiques Supérieures” level at Chambéry, France.

1986-2020 Researcher at the LSCE, “Climag” Team. Since 2007 also public relation of the LSCE

Since 2021: Emeritus researcher (scientific adviser to the LSCE)

– More than 80 publications in international or national scientific journals.

– Numerous scientific papers presented at international and national conferences.

– 8 oceanographic campaigns (coring of marine sediments) on board the Marion-Dufresne in the North Atlantic and in the southern Indian Ocean.
Head of mission for the “IndienSud 1” and “IndienSud 2” campaigns.

– 1 oceanographic sediment drilling campaign in the North Atlantic aboard the American vessel Joides Resolution (IODP-303).

Publications : papers in international peer reviewed journals

… full list: see


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Other publications

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A. Mazaud, « Quelques expériences simples sur l’autre problème du CO2 : l’acidification des océans », La Météorologie – n° 90 – août 2015


– Numerous conferences and events to disseminate knowledge (high schools, schools, universities, institutions, associations, etc.).

– Radio and TV interviews (BFM-Tv, FranceInfo-Tv, LCI, radio stations, etc.).

etc ..


– Winner of the 2021 CNRS Medal for Scientific Mediation (ClimaTicTac team, a cooperative board game designed to provide a fun way to understand the challenges of climate change).

– Member of the American Geophysical Union

– Volunteer treasurer of a non-profit organization, ZEBUNET (sustainable development in poor countries).

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