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Senior Researcher, Expert International CEA
Papa d’Ulysse, Félix et Quentin


Sujets de recherche

My main research area is climate extreme and rare events (like heatwaves, cold spells, extreme precipitation or storms). I am interested in their statistical and mathematical modelling. I focus on properties of the atmospheric circulation (patterns, recurrences, persistence…). I have developed methods based on analogues of circulation, which have interesting mathematical properties when dealing with chaotic dynamical systems.

One of the topic I work on is the attribution of extreme events (EEA), i.e. how the probability of an event is affected by forcings (anthropogenic or not). In order to do so, I focus on the relation between the atmospheric circulation and the observable on which the extreme is detected (e.g. cumulated precipitation, average temperature, max temperature…) and look at recurrence properties of atmospheric patterns, and how those properties can change. This can be called “conditional attribution”.

One of the outcomes of this research on the properties of the atmospheric circulation is the development of stochastic weather generators that sample the invariant measure of an underlying attractor. This allows simulating large ensembles of climate sequences, with various hypotheses of external climate forcings.

Most of this is summarized on the web page of the ERC project A2C2 (2014-2019).


Training & Positions

  • 1965: Naissance (Paris, France)
  • 1967-1976: Ecole du Centre (Gif-sur-Yvette, France)
  • 1976-1980: Collège Juliette Adam (Gif-sur-Yvette)
  • 1980-1986: Lycée Louis-le-Grand (Paris)
  • 1986-1990: Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (Paris)
  • 1989-1990: DEA d’Analyse Numérique (Paris 6)
  • 1988-1990: Research associate, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, UCLA (Los Angeles, USA)
  • 1990-1991: Scientifique du contingent, Section de Recherche Opérationnelle de l’Armée de Terre (Paris)
  • 1991-1994: Doctorat de l’Université Paris 6 (Analyse Numérique), au LMCE (Gif-sur-Yvette)
  • 1994-: Chercheur CEA au LSCE (Gif-sur-Yvette)
  • 1996-1997: Visiting Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, UCLA (Los Angele, USA)
  • 2003: Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches
  • 2008-2014: Dirige l’équipe “Extrêmes: Statistiques, Régionalisation et Impacts” (ESTIMR)
  • 2010-2011: Invited Professor à l’AORI (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Recent projects

Publications scientifiques

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Recent papers (since 2017)

  1. Alvarez-Castro, M. C., Faranda, D., Noël, T., & Yiou, P. (2019). Recurrence Spectra of European Temperature in Historical Climate Simulations. Atmosphere, 10(4), 166.
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Complete list here.


Yiou P. (2015) Le Temps s’est-il détraqué?, Buchet-Chastel, Paris

Book chapters

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