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Faits marquants 2019

Septembre 2019

17 septembre 2019
The Antarctic temperature changes over the past millennia remain more uncertain than in many other continental regions. This has several origins: (1) the number of high-resolution ice cores is small, in particular on the East Antarctic plateau and in some coastal areas in East Antarctica; ... Lire la suite »
17 septembre 2019
The Antarctic ice sheet mass balance is a major component of the sea level budget and results from the difference of two fluxes of a similar magnitude: ice flow discharging in the ocean and net snow accumulation on the ice sheet surface, i.e. the surface mass balance (SMB). Separately modelling ice ... Lire la suite »
10 septembre 2019
Tropospheric ozone (O3) is key component of air pollution and an important anthropogenic greenhouse gas. During the 20th century, proliferation of the internal combustion engine, rapid industrialization, and land-use change led to a global-scale increase in its concentrations, but the magnitude ... Lire la suite »

Avril 2019

01 avril 2019
Each glacial – interglacial transition of the Quaternary occurs in a different orbital context leading to various timing for the deglaciation and sequence of high vs low latitudes events. Termination 3, 250 kiloyears before present (ka), is an unusual deglaciation in the context of the last 9 ... Lire la suite »
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