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Faits marquants 2018

Novembre 2018

14 novembre 2018
Kageyama, M., Beghin, P., Charbit, S., Chavaillaz, Y., Codron, F. (LMD), Rivière, G. (LMD)
La circulation atmosphérique des moyennes latitudes conditionne une partie du climat européen et des moyennes et hautes latitudes de l’hémisphère Sud, où elle est également un élément important pour les échanges ... Lire la suite »

Juillet 2018

13 juillet 2018
Despite the societal importance of extreme hydroclimate events, few palaeoenvironmental studies of Scandinavian lake sediments have investigated flood occurrences. Here we present a flood history based on lithological, geochemical and mineral magnetic records of a Holocene sediment sequence ... Lire la suite »

Mars 2018

09 mars 2018
  Air enclosed in ice cores provides a unique archive for paleo-climate studies. Understanding the air enclosure process is essential for better quantifying the age of air trapped in the bubbles, correct for artifacts in elemental and isotopic composition of trapped species and estimate the ... Lire la suite »
09 mars 2018
  Climate trends in the Antarctic region remain poorly characterized, owing to the brevity and scarcity of direct climate observations and the large magnitude of interannual to decadal-scale climate variability. Here, within the framework of the PAGES Antarctica2k working group, we ... Lire la suite »
08 mars 2018
As part of its ongoing project on repositories for high-activity, long-lived radioactive waste, a 2000 m deep borehole was drilled by the French Nuclear Waste Agency (ANDRA) in the layered structure of alternating aquifers and aquitards of the Eastern Paris Basin. Among the information retrieved ... Lire la suite »
06 mars 2018
Bottled waters are increasingly popular in Tunisia. Most of them come from groundwaters, thus raising the question of the long-term availability of the mineral groundwater resources. Water collected from production springs or wells of eleven mineral waters of Tunisia among the main commercial ... Lire la suite »
06 mars 2018
The Rhône is characterised by a heavy concentration of nuclear-based industries including nuclear power stations and nuclear sites housing civilian and military facilities. Here, we report the results of a four-year survey (2010-2013) of tritium and radiocarbon levels in a variety of matrices ... Lire la suite »
05 mars 2018
Objectives: Stable isotope data provide insight into the reconstruction of ancient human diet. However, cooking may alter the original stable isotope compositions of food due to losses and modifications of biochemical and water components. Methods: To address this issue, carbon, nitrogen and ... Lire la suite »

Février 2018

26 février 2018
We present a comprehensive account of tritium and 3He in the Mediterranean Sea since the appearance of the tritium generated by the atmospheric nuclear-weapon testing in the 1950s and early 1960s, based on essentially all available observations. Tritium in surface waters rose to 20 - 30 TU in 1964 ... Lire la suite »
01 février 2018
Kwiatkowski L., et Orr J.C.
Cette étude montre que si le CO2 atmosphérique continue d'augmenter, les différences entre été et hiver des extrêmes d'acidité des océans doubleront d'ici à la fin du siècle. Elle met donc en doute l'idée ... Lire la suite »
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