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The biggest heatwave ever recorded in Antarctica (in March 2022)  

imgA collaboration of 54 scientists from 14 countries involving the LSCE (CEA-CNRS-UVSQ) is analysing the exceptional heat episode that occurred from 15 to 19 March 2022 in East Antarctica (+30°C to +40°C). The effects were varied and worrying.

Numerous temperature records were broken in Antarctica in March 2022. In particular, the temperature of -9.4°C on 18 March 2022 near the Concordia station struck a chord, as March is usually marked by a rapid winter chill. These "warm" temperatures can be explained by the formation of an intense atmospheric "river", i.e. a dense ribbon of water vapour, transporting heat and humidity from the subtropical regions to the interior of Antarctica.



The extraordinary March 2022 East Antarctica “heat" wave. Part I: observations and meteorological drivers, Journal of Climate

The Extraordinary March 2022 East Antarctica “Heat" Wave. Part II: Impacts on the Antarctic Ice Sheet ...

A. Mazaud, dépêche du 23/02/2024
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