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Offre de CDD avec option CDI pour chef de projet CLAND  
We are looking for a motivated candidate for the project manager of the Convergence Institute CLAND recently funded by ANR for a period of 10 years with a 10 M€ budget, on the role of cultivated ecosystems and land use in the climate change and food-security nexus.
The candidate should have a solid training in one of the fields covered by the Institute, and project organisation / management skills.
It is a non-permanent position at University of Paris Saclay, becoming permanent during the duration of the project.
The CLAND Institute of Convergence project is funded by the French national research agency (ANR) for ten years and regroups more than 100 researchers in the Paris Saclay area from key institutions in the field of climate change impacts, sustainable agriculture, ecosystem services, environmental impacts and land use socio-economics. The interdisciplinary scientific challenge behind CLAND is to integrate state-of-the art research in modeling climate change, food and fibre production, biodiversity dynamics, ecosystem functioning and land-use socio- economics, and associate this with data syntheses to understand key feedbacks and assess risks and sustainable options for integrated management of land ecosystems. To do so, CLAND will bring together the activities of 200 researchers in 12 teams, and develop a new graduate programme across 6 Master and 6 Doctoral schools of the University of Paris Saclay (UPSaclay) with the goal to train students by research and to create professional training sessions. The project will also produce innovative transferable skills and results to be used and commercialized by private-sector collaborators. CLAND spans the full range of disciplines necessary to make breakthroughs in the integrated assessment of the interplay between climate change and land use and management.

Philippe Ciais

Centre d'Etudes Orme des Merisiers
91191 Gif sur Yvette France

Please visit the global carbon atlas updated for emissions in the year 2015 at :
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