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LSCE: Greenhouse gas emissions monitoring and evaluation Post-doctoral / Young Scientist Position  

For the Paris agreement on Climate, timely reporting of greenhouse gas emissions by
nations for different sectors and gases is needed. The anthropogenic CO2 Monitoring and
Verification Support (MVS) capacity developed in Europe based on the recommendations
from the European Commission’s CO 2 Monitoring Task Force addresses this need by
developing an integration system capable of inferring emissions from observations (space
and in situ), prior information such as bottom-up emission estimates from inventories and
modelling as well as data assimilation capabilities.

Under the Copernicus Atmospheric Service ( ) portfolio and
the Horizon Europe CAMEO project ( ) we
are looking for a motivated post-doctoral or young data scientist to work on:
- Development and timely provision of data quantifying the daily emissions of CO2 from
fossil fuel burning and cement production at national scale based on near-real-time
activity data assembled from the Carbon Monitor project ( ).
- Evaluation of daily CO2 emissions against national inventories and other relevant
- Improvement of methodologies used to derive daily CO2 emissions from activity data,
including the use of satellite proxies and socio-economic indicators.
- Evaluation of atmospheric inversions results against regional and local estimates of
greenhouse gas emissions for fossil fuel CO2 emissions and CH4 anthropogenic

This work will be performed at LSCE, in collaboration with ECMWF, partners of the CAMEO
project and the Carbon Monitor international team led by Tsinghua University in China.

Programming skills, preferably in Python / R
Knowledge of remote sensing data processing and analysis
Selection Criteria
PhD degree or Master degree in a field such as atmospheric modeling, data-science,
remote sensing, signal processing, machine learning or statistics.
Autonomy, ability to work in a team and time management skills.
Experienced in multidisciplinary team-based activities with the ability to effectively
communicate with colleagues and with staff from the partners of a project.
Academic supervision:
Main supervisor: Philippe Ciais. Research director at LSCE
Co-supervisors: Frédéric Chevallier, Research director at LSCE

What LSCE can offer you:


Is a world-class research laboratory established and a collaboration between CEA,
CNRS and the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin -UVSQ. The LSCE hosts
approximately 300 research- ers, engineers and administrative staff including many
PhD and master’s students. This project will provide the employee with the
opportunity to work directly on advanced methods with re- searchers from the LSCE
and other institutions. Location: about 20 km from the heart of Paris, in the Orme des
Merisiers green area.
Contract duration: 24 months, with an extension possible.
Starting date: The position is available from Feb 1st 2023 and will remain open until
filled. The expected start of the position is Spring 2023.
Salary: Competitive salary, full social and health benefits, commensurate with work

How to apply: Applicants should submit a complete application package by email to
the contacts below. The application package should include (1) a curriculum vitae
including e.g. important recent publications / projects, (2) statement of motivation (3)
answers to the selection criteria above (4) names, addresses, phone numbers, and
email addresses of at least two references.

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