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Offre de post doc   

Ci-joint une offre de CDD recherche (postdoc pour prendre une terminologie anglo-saxonne) au LSCE pour travailler sur les attracteurs climatiques & événements extrêmes.

Subject : Atmospheric circulation variability, climate extremes and their relation with external forcings


The Laboratoire des Science du Climat et de l’Environnement (LSCE) offers a postdoctoral position for the A2C2 (Atmospheric flow Analogues and Climate Change) project, funded by the ERC. The general goal of the project is to investigate statistical properties of climatic strange attractors, and their changes due to external forcings. A mathematical framework is being developed to measure attractor changes. This framework is based on the method of analogues of circulation... see attached document for details


The candidates should preferably hold a PhD in atmospheric sciences (atmospheric dynamics), probability/statistics or applied mathematics. A good experience of R, linux and shell scripts is required. We encourage candidates with a good experience of nonlinear dynamics and statistical methods such as extreme value theory, statistical downscaling or time series.


The position is for 2+2 years. The salary is commensurate with experience. The position will start in June 2014. LSCE is located in the South West suburb of Paris. The candidate will work in the ESTIMR (Extremes, Statistics, Impacts & Regionalization) team.


Please send a CV (including list of publications), letter of motivation (stating how your experience is related to the postdoc offer) and two letters of recommendation before March 1st 2014.


Contact: Dr. Pascal Yiou (

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