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The Office for Climate Education: Creation of an international initiative on Climate Change education
David Wilgenbus & Lydie Lescarmontier
Jeudi 27/09/2018, 11h00-12h00
Bat 712, P 100, LSCE Orme des Merisiers
In order to face climate change, a considerable and persistent effort is required to help young generation in acquiring the tools for understanding and preparing them to live in a changing world. 
The international initiative on climate change education from the OCE (Office for Climate Educaiton), takes place from school to college and uses a multidisciplinary approach from traditional scientific disciplines to human and social sciences.
Teachers, whose role is crucial for the success of such an educational project, need to be accompanied with the help of quality resources and professional development. The scientific community has an essential role to play in this process.
During this seminar, we will present the missions and functioning of the Office for Climate Education launched the 16 March 2018 by several partner organizations, including in particular La main à la pâte, IPSL, and IPCC Group 1. The OCE is hosted by the IPSL, Paris - Jussieu campus.
Contact : Sarah Amram
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