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Synchrotron SOLEIL: What do the neighbours do ?
Andrew King
Jeudi 06/06/2024, 11:00-12:00
Bât. 714, P. 1129, LSCE Orme des Merisiers
 SOLEIL is a national research laboratory, a large scale facility for research using synchrotron radiation.  The third generation synchrotron source supplies brilliant beams of light covering a wide range of photon energies ranging from infrared to hard X-rays.  These beams are used on 29 different beam lines to perform a very diverse range of scientific measurements.  The facilities are open to both the academic community and to industrial users.  This seminar will present SOLEIL, its current activities, and its future perspectives.  As an example, the beam line PSICHE (Pressure, structure and imaging by contrast at high energy) will be described in more detail, with some examples of the experiments performed by our users that could inspire researchers from LSCE.
Contact : Juliette Lathiere
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