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Master training programs

At Master’s level,  researchers and teacher-researchers take part in many training programs around Paris. They are particularly involved in the master Sciences of the Earth, the planets, and the Environment (STePE) proposed by the university Paris-Saclay. This new master is co-directed by a professor from LSCE and includes the previously proposed master programs: Climat-Environnement and remote detection, and  air quality and fight against noise pollution.. This master proposes a lot of possible pathways and train students for diddernt jobs both in the public and private sectors.


Research Master

Climat-Environnement and remote detection  (UVSQ)

Sedimentary and volcanic environments - (UPSud)
Ocean Atmosphere Climat and spatial Obsvervations (UPMC)

Magistère of the ENS in Earth and Climate Sciences   (ENS)

Oceanography and marine environment (UMPC)

Continental environments (UMPC)

The preparation of students for the competition for CAPES and Agrégration (UMPC and UPD)


Professional Master

Physics, Environment, Processes  (UPSud/UVSQ)

Arctic studies (UVSQ)

Information processing and exploitation of data  (UVSQ)


In Graduate School (« Grandes Ecoles »)

- Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées
- Ecole Centrale Paris
- Ecole Polytechnique
- Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées
- Ecole des Mines de Paris (climat at all scale of time)

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