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PhD programs, a training by research


University PhD, a training by research offering outlets within and outside the academic world. Experimental, analytical, drafting, or modeling, acquired skills during the PhD are recoverable in a large number of trades. The LSCE welcomes permanently more than 60 doctoral students coming from different schools including mainly the two doctoral schools to which the LSCE is attached:



The LSCE doctoral students get allowances from different sources :


  • Doctoral contracts of University
  • CFR (contrat formation-recherche) contracts of CEA
  • Co-funded CEA-region contracts
  • Co-funded CEA-industrie contracts
  • Contracts CIFRE

The LSCE is actively involved in training programs proposed during the PhD by the doctoral schools, such as: statistical modelling, carbon cycle, and climate change impacts.

A follow-up of the LSCE doctoral students was raised by the head of LSCE from its beginnings in 1998, through  a PhD committee designed to follow the work during the three years of PhD and, since 2000, through the signature of the charter of PhD.

The LSCE regularly investigate on the future of its former PhD students.  A year after the thesis, all the young Doctors who came from the LSCE have usually a CDD in France or abroad, most of the time they have a “post-doc”. Three years after their thesis (2009 promotion), the LSCE young doctoral  students have a permanent or a long-term job in an organism,  or in a French or abroad company . For 2009, for example, 5 out of 9 fixed term-employments are private (Climpact, Safran, Astrium…..) and 4 are public (research engineer, lecturer, secondary teacher school). Half of the abroad CDD are occupied by non-French doctors who are back into their home country in academic research, the other half by French doctors who have a long-term CDD in an European country. The young doctors who want to keep doing academic research stay more longer with a CDD contract, generally abroad (postdoc)

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