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Other formations

The LSCE is involved in or drive other training programs :

The Summer school of the Climate KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community). In this way, the LSCE is involved in the organization of a Summer School being in the driving group of the French pillar for education., and take in charge a day of this Summer School on the carbon cycle. This Summer School’s originality is the “learning by doing” which requires to complete  the  know-teach with the know-how. LSCE researchers also teach in many other summer/winter schools (e.g. ERCA).

An action driven by a LSCE emeritus researcher on the training of teachers of secondary school  about climat and environmental issues on an international level in the context of international workshops  « Geosciences Information for Teachers » (GIFT) of the EGU. It’s a question of spreading scientific  knowledge through teachers from different countries.


The LSCE also takes part to the organization of schools-at-sea  “Teachers at Sea”, for the secondary school teachers, on broad of the scientific Marion Dufrene scientific vessel, in collaboration with the “Institut Paul Emile Victor (IPEV)”

In the context of the environment (SOFIE) Sino-French Institute, joint project between the LSCE and Peking University (PKU), driven by a LSCE researcher and a Professor of PKU, a winter school is organized every year in China to train Chinese students at master and PhD levels on themes related to the carbon cycle, vegetation atmosphere Exchange, aerosols, and climate.

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