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Catherine Kissel

Dynamique et archives du climat
Climate and Magnetism



Research Scientist CEA

Research interests

Environmental magnetism applied to:

- reconstructions of the past variability in the deep water masses, interhemispheric (and high/low latitudes) comparisons

- reconstructions of the past changes in the main rivers sedimentary discharges and run-off (precipitation on land, monsoon at low latitudes , links with high latitude climate)

- characterization of the metallic pollution in the Seine river


- high resolution magnetostratigraphy from sediments (geomagnetic excursions and reversals)

- absolute intensity and directional studies from lavas (paleosecular variation, geomagnetic excursions and reversals)



1987 -          Research Scientist, French Atomic Energy Commission

Dec. 1986     Thèse d'Etat (Paleomagnetism applied to Geodynamical studies in the eastern Mediterranean)

May 1984      Thèse troisième cycle (Paleomagnetism in Western Agean) - Supervisor C. Laj

1977-1982    Studies in Geology, Biology at the University of Orsay (Paris XI), France


Implication in field work and oceanographic cruises

Multiple field work since 1982 for paleomagnetic sampling in Greece, Turkey, Albania, Italy, France, Canary Islands, Hawaii, Peru, Ecuador, Taiwan, Indonesia, Iceland.


Oceanographic cruises:

1999      Participation to the international oceanographic cruise IMAGES-Ginna on board the R. V. Marion Dufresne in North Atlantic, Leg2 (Québec-Reykjavik).

2000    Chief sicentist of the transit valorisation Colombo - Salalah on board the R. V. Marion Dufresne.

2001     Project scientist of the oceanographic cruise géosciences 2 on board the R. V. Marion Dufresne in the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas (Nice-Patras).

2002     oceanographic cruise IMAGES-Page on board the R. V. Marion Dufresne in the Gulf of Mexico (Cancun-Belem). Participant

2003     Co-project scientist of the international oceanographic cruise IMAGES-PICASSO (Leg2) on board the R. V. Marion Dufresne in North Atlantic (Baltimore-Brest).

2004    Project scientist of the  international oceanographic cruise CHAMAK on board the R. V. Marion Dufresne in Arabian sea (Muscat-Muscat).

2005     Participation to the international oceanographic cruise IMAGES-Marco Polo on board the R. V. Marion Dufresne in the South China sea and around Taiwan (Singapore - Shanghai - Bitung).

2006     Co-project scientist of the international oceanographic cruise IMAGES-Marco Polo 2 on board the R. V. Marion Dufresne in the western pacific and in the Philippines Sea (Shanghai - Jakarta).

2007   Chief scientist of the international oceanographic cruise IMAGES-PACHIDERME on board the R. V. Marion Dufresne along the southernmost Chilean coast (Punta Arenas - Punta Arenas).

2008    Chief scientist of the international oceanographic cruise IMAGES -AMOCINT (ESF-EuroMARC project) on board the R. V. Marion Dufresne in North Atlantic (Gran Canaria, Brest).

2010    Chief scientist and project scientist international oceanographic cruise MONOCIR on board the R. V. Marion Dufresne in Indonesia (Surabaya - Bitung).

2012    Co-Chief scientist and co-project scientist of the international oceanographic cruise CIRCEA on board the R. V. Marion Dufresne in the South China Sea (Singapore - Singapore).



Programs and projects underway

-       MONOCL (INSU-LEFE funding 2015-2017): Monsoon, Ocean and Climate

-       MONOCIR (INSU-LEFE funding 2012-2014): Monsoon and oceanic circulation

-       MONOPOL (ANR 2011-2014): Paléo-variabilité de la mousson indienne

-       PAST4FUTURE (EU-FP7 2010-2015) : analysis of magnetic properties of sediments in order to reconstruct the past variations of the thermohaline circulation.

-       LIA-MONOCL : coordination of the French-Chinese LIA (2012-2018) on the study of the Monsoon and Oceanic Circulation

-       SYSTER (INSU funding 2011-2013) : paleomagnetic and dating coupled analysis of lava to refine the magnetostratigraphic time scales at high resolution during the last 1 Ma

-       PACHIDERME (INSU-LEFE funding 2011-2013) : analysis of sediments collected during the oceanographic cruise in 2007. Coordinator.



Publications scientifiques (2013---) (total list in pdf file):Publications CK.pdf


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- supervision or co-supervision of 9 PhD theses

- Member of of American Geophysical union

- Member of the European Geoscience Union



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