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12 months post-doctoral position at LSCE/IPSL  

Location: IPSL/Laboratoire des Sciences du climat et de l’environnement, unite mixte CEA-CNRS-UVSQ, Orme des Merisiers, bât. 712, 91191 Gif sur Yvette Cedex.

Subject : Development of subsampling methods for climate indicators.

Position : The candidate will contribute to the distribution of climate data tailored for climate impact studies and risk assessment. The work is part of the CLIPC European project that has the ambition to provide access to climate information of direct relevance to a wide variety of users. As part of this project, the partners of CLIPC WP6 will provide transformed climate data products to facilitate usage outside the climate science community. This requires in particular proposing climate indicators that are relevant for impact studies and the analyses of extreme climatic conditions. To fully achieve this task, subsampling strategies need to be developed because most users cannot use the full range of available climate simulations for their climate impact or risk assessment. The candidate will develop new methodologies so as to reduce the grand ensemble of simulations produced by the international community at the global or regional scales into smaller, more manageable, reduced-ensembles of climate variables that retain information on the full spread of climate projects for uncertainty or risk analyses. In collaboration with SMHI (Sweden), the work proposed at IPSL will consider a subset of climate indicators (heat and cold waves, heat stress, drought) and test different approaches for subsampling available simulations, considering either the climate variables themselves or the climate indicators. Test will also be made on the relevance of the method proposed for subsampling depending of the objective of the users. We anticipate that we’ll provide four possible cases representative of median and extreme situations for each type of indicator.


The candidate should have a PhD in climate science, a good knowledge in statistical analyses and the analyses of climate model simulations.

Collaborators : Pascale Braconnot et Robert Vautard (LSCE/IPSL).

Application : CV and motivation letter should be sent as soon as possible to Pascale Braconnot (Pascale.braconnot] The candidate will be selected by the end of February.

Starting date : June 2015 (there is a 3 month delay between the selection of the candidate and the starting date).

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