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LSCE: Offre de Stage IPSL 2020: An energetic study of turbulence in tropical cyclones (Davide Faranda)  

Résumé en anglais (5 lignes) :

The goal of the internship is to adapt the equations for the Available Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy in a Lorenz Energy Cycle to study the energy transfer in high resolution simulations of tropical cyclones. The Available Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy equations will then be used to diagnose the energetics in a set of idealized simulations tracking the life cycle of a tropical cyclone, e.g. using the non-hydrostatic SAM model and in DYNAMICO, a model developed at the home institution.

Responsable du stage (Nom/prénom/statut) :

FARANDA, Davide (Chercheur CNRS,

EUR_IPSL_Theme2_Faranda.pdf (216 Ko)


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