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Data Visualization: 2014 CO2 Emissions  






Following on the Global Carbon Atlas project ( organized by LSCE, we have developed a new data visualization using global CO2 emissions data from CICERO. With this application you can interactively explore the emissions of five major sources and their distribution over region and country (50 highest, year 2014). China, the US, Europe and India continue to be the world's top emitters in 2014. In the histogram view, stacked bar charts for the top 50 emitting countries are shown for three metrics: emission volumes (MtCO2), and volumes normalized by GDP (kgCO2/GDP) and population (tCO2/person). In terms of total MtCO2 emissions, coal makes a large contribution, but for kgCO2/GDP and especially tCO2/person, emissions from gas clearly dominate. Click on a specific country to see how its rank changes by source and by metric
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cnangini, 2016-02-18 00:00:00
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