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Offre de Stage Relations industrielles pour les besoins en innovation des infrastructures de recherche européennes en environnement  

CEA Saclay, Orme des Merisiers, 91191 Gif sur Yvette

ENVRIPLUS ( is a cluster of research infrastructures (RIs) for Environmental and Earth System sciences, built around ESFRI roadmap and associating leading e-infrastructures and Integrating Activities together with technical specialist partners. ENVRIPLUS is driven by 3 overarching goals: 1) favoring cross-fertilization between infrastructures, 2) implementing innovative concepts and devices across RIs, and 3) facilitating research and innovation in the field of environment to an increasing number of users outside the RIs.
LSCE (Laboratoire des sciences du climat et de l’environnement), a CEA-CNRS-UVSQ laboratory, has a leading role in ENVRIPLUS as the coordinator of technology-related aspects, and in ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observing System), a research infratructure dedicated to greenhouse gas monitoring and participating to ENVRIPLUS.
The scientific and technical requirements of the European environmental RIs may appear complex and heterogeneous to European SMEs. ENVRIPLUS aims at consolidating the needs of RIs especially in terms of common high performance instrumentation needs. The project will prepare a first approach to establishing a market landscape of the environmental research infrastructures and supporting potential SME providers.
Our overarching objective is to stimulate the industry innovation by opening new market opportunities. The work will be a service to both SMEs (identification of emerging markets), and to the RIs (to program their efforts to integrate potential innovations).

- contribute to prepare, participate to and report on the Environmental RIs industry forum event with side workshops in May 2017 in Grenoble.
- Help setting up an industry network, liaison with key industry partners and laboratories.
- Identify and list innovation support (funding) mechanisms to support key SMEs partners (EC, national, regional).
- Contribute to a innovation roadmap including specification, development and test of sensors for
parameters of interest addressing needs crucial for the RIs and matching them with emerging technologies (including new CO2, pCO2, pH monitoring at sea, spectro-optical instrumentation for atmospheric monitoring, advanced airborne sensors, remote nucleotide sequencing, etc.). This will help shape market prospection to build better industrial fabric serving RIs needs. This roadmap will explore the challenges, barriers (technical and market) and initial activities in this area.
This work will take place in a strongly European context and will be supported by collaborations with experts at Ifremer

- basic understanding of environmental monitoring, Earth sciences and climate
- knowledge of R&D and innovation process in European SMEs
- ability for synthesis and vision
- good English language skills

Practical information
This internship should start as early as possible in 2017 and no later than 1 May 2017.
This internship will be paid according to CEA internship salary grid.
Due to the recruitment process at CEA it is recommended to apply as early as possible. Applications will be closed 1 February 2017 or earlier.
To apply or for more information contact
2951 (4 Ko)

J. Paris, 2016-11-22 00:00:00
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