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PostDoctorate position offer  
Christophe PECHEYRAN

In the framework of the ANR Nanoscape project we are looking for candidates for this postdoctoral position to be filled at IPREM (Pau). You will find below the details of the offer and the link to the CNRS platform where interested candidates should apply.

We are looking for a profile with good skills at least in ICP-MS and if possible LA-ICPMS. The scientific question is the diagnosis of Lyme disease.

Post-doctoral fellow in analytical chemistry (LA-ICP-MS) applied to health - M/F

Reference: UMR5254-SOPPUY-057
Workplace: PAU
Publication date : Monday 19 September 2022
Type of contract: Scientific CDD
Duration of the contract: 23 months
Expected date of employment: 15 November 2022
Working hours : Full time
Remuneration : 2 805.35€ gross monthly
Desired level of education: PhD
Desired experience : 1 to 4 years

The proposed position is in the field of analytical chemistry research. The main missions will concern the use of laser ablation techniques coupled to inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) for the detection of nanomaterials developed specifically for the health sector.
Secondary tasks will include :
- Handling of inert biological samples.

In a highly multidisciplinary context at the interface between analytical chemistry, nanoscience and microbiology, the main activities will concern
- Detection by ICP-MS laser ablation of metallic nanoparticles in interaction with micro-organisms.
- Characterisation of biological samples by ICP-MS and LA-ICP-MS spectrometry
- Functionalization and characterization of nanoparticles (size and concentration distribution) of nanoparticles in solution by ICP-MS (Single Particle-ICP-MS) may also be requested.
- Writing of scientific papers on the results obtained

- Expert in ICP-MS
- Expert in LA-ICP-MS
- Additional knowledge in synthesis and functionalization of nanoparticles will be appreciated.
- Writing skills
- Good command of the English language
Working environment

The Institute of Analytical Sciences and Physical Chemistry of the Environment and Materials (IPREM) is a CNRS/UPPA/E2S Joint Research Unit (UMR 5254) bringing together more than 200 researchers, teacher-researchers and engineers.
The members of IPREM are interested in the development of fundamental knowledge in physical chemistry, analytical chemistry and microbiology, in relation to applications concerning the structure of living organisms, environmental management and the functional properties of different classes of materials.
Their skills are based on strategies for analysis, modelling, physico-chemical approaches, fine structure and reactivity studies, development, characterisation and implementation at different scales. They allow us to display an original positioning in the field of applications in many industrial sectors both nationally and internationally.
The position is part of the ANR PRCI Nanoscape project involving the IPREM institute, the CHU of Angers, the hospital of Lannemezan and the company Diaclone (Medix biochemica) aiming to develop new methods for the detection of bacteria with high sensitivity.
Contacts for further information:,
Constraints and risks

Dr. HDR. Christophe PECHEYRAN
IPREM - UMR 5254
Institute of Analytical Sciences and Physical Chemistry for the Environment and Materials
University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour/CNRS

Head of Platform I3 (Imaging, Inorganic Isotopy) and Expertise Centre PAMAL (Platform for Trace Metal Analysis by Laser Ablation)
2 avenue du Président Angot
64053 Pau cedex 9, France
Tel (33) 559 407 757
Cell Phone : (33) (0)699058050 ...

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