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Gilles Ramstein


Modélisation du climat, des cycles biogéochimiques et de leurs interactions


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I made my PhD in1987 and my HDR (Habilitation à diriger des recherches) in 1992


Present and Previous Positions at LSCE:


-    1998-2005 Head of the climate modelling Group
-    2006-2010 Head of the Climate Group
-    2010- 2013Head of the “Mankind, Climate and Environment” group
-    Since 2013 Research director at LSCE


National and international project responsibilities


-    1997-2004 Head of the National CNRS multidisciplinary ECLIPSE program, 70 project/year
-    2006-2009 Head of ANR ACCROEARTH (French program), 4 laboratories involved
-    2007-2010 Head of the European Research training Network (NICE Network for Ice and Climate Evolution), 8 teams involved.
-    2011-2012 Head of Aurora project
-    2009-2010 Head of Sakura project
-    2010-2013 Responsible of the climate task of MEDEA (Controversies in adaptation to climate change)
-    2014-2015 Head of VACCIN (Climate/migration/Energy) 3 laboratories involved

On-going projects :

-    2017-2021 Coordinator of "Human Ancestors Dispersal: the role of Climate" HADOC ANR, 4 laboratories involved (
-    2016-2018 Coordinatot of ComPrendrE " Comment et Pourquoi l'Hémisphère Nord est Entré Ebn glaciation ?" LEFE program (INSU project)
-    2016-2018 Coordinator of EpiClim "Epidémiologie et Climat" DRF-Impulsion project


Short summary of the research :


As a climate modeller, I studied very different climate contexts from “snowball earth” (800-600 Ma) [1] to more recent climate associate to the onsets of Sahara [2] and of Asian Monsoon [3](7 Ma). I am also interested by the relationships between climate and mountain uplift [4] and emergence of hominin [5].
My major focus concerning Quaternary are the shift between interglacial and glacial cycles [6] but also glacial climate variability [7][8].


Selected publications

[1] Donnadieu Y., Ramstein G., et al 2004. A snowball Earth' climate triggered by continental break-up through changes in runoff. Nature 428, 303-306.
[2] Zhang, Z.-S., Ramstein, G., et al : Aridification of Sahara caused by Tethys Sea shrinkage during Late Miocene, Nature, accepted for publication
[3] Ramstein G., Fluteau F et al “Effect of orogeny, plate motion and land-sea distribution on Eurasian climate change over the past 30 million years, Nature, 386, 788-795, 1997.
[4] Sepulchre P., Ramstein G., et al. /Tectonic Uplift and Easernt Africa Aridification./ –Science , (313) pp 1419-1423.2006
[5] N. Hamon, G. Ramstein et al- "Growth of subtropical forests in Miocene Europe: The roles of carbon dioxide and Antarctic ice volume" - Geology; Jun 2012, Vol. 40 Issue 6, p567
[6] Khodri M.,Ramstein G., et al 2001. Simulating the amplification of orbital forcing by ocean feedbacks in the last glaciation. Nature 410. 570-574.
[7] Alvarez-Solas J., Ramstein G et al 2010. Links between ocean temperature and iceberg discharge during Heinrich events, Nature Geosci. 3, 122-126.
[8] J. Alvares-Solas, Gilles Ramstein  PNAS "On the triggering mechanism of Heinrich events" PNAS vol. 108 no. 50  E1359–E1360  


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