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Pascal Maugis

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Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (LSCE)
Centre de Saclay, Orme des Merisiers, Bât. 701
91 191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex, France



Latest scientific and general public seminars

Séminaire Hydrologie du Plateau de Saclay   Séminaire Impacts du CC sur l'eau et l'alimentation   Séminaire Impacts du CC en France au XXIe siècle   Séminaire Montée du niveau marin, l'expertise du GIEC sous-estime le risque   Séminaire Le chercheur mis en position d'expert   Nos Futurs   ??


Scientist in hydrological sciences, water uses and climate change.

Expert on adaptation to climate change, particularly on water related issues.
French national propective on water with France Stratégi (First Minister).
Territorial water management planification with CEREMA and the decision support tool Strateau

Uncertainty and decision making, communicating science in heavy-stakes contexts.

Today's research topics

Hydrological modelling, Climate Change, Data assimilation

Adaptation to climate change and water management


Main professional experiences:

2013-     : Researcher in Climate modelling at the Laboratory of Climatological and Environmental Sciences (LSCE): Data assimilation and calibration of the IPSL climate model for its hydrological component. Impact of climate change on water resources and adaptation. Expertise on du changement climatique sur les ressources en eau et adaptation. Expertise on societal stakes related to climate change and water management.

2009-12 : Scientific Officer on quantitative water resources management at the National Office for Water and Aquatic Ecosystems (ONEMA): national animation and funding of scientific research. This also included scientific literature review, project set-up, expertise and leadership, support to designing and implementing national policy, participation to national and European workgroups, participation to scientific boards (including National Plans), organization of workshops for scientific programming and dissemination.

2002-09 : Researcher in Hydrological modelling at LSCE: Coupled surface-subsurface watershed and 1D-column hydrology, inverse problem via gradual deformation of a priori estimates, assessment of palaeo-climate in West-Africa during Holocene by modelization and confrontation to palynological data; expertise on hydrology for global climate modelling.

1995-02 : Researcher in physical and numerical modelling of complex hydrogeological processes at the Laboratory of transfers in Solid Media (CEA/MTMS, Atomic Energy Commissariat): Nuclear waste disposal in geological medium; Build-up of an expertise on water and pollutant transfer in the environment, as well as on inclusion of field data.

1994-95 : Consultant for the sci. Franklab: set-up of the after-sales service.

1993-94 : Teacher (maths and computer science) at Libermann College, Douala, Cameroun for the French Catholic Delegation for Cooperation.


2004-06 : PhD at the Pierre and Marie-Curie University (UPMC, Paris) on Complex Transfers in Porous Media : Some Numerical and Physical Approaches.

1992-93 : Master degree in Material Sciences at UPMC, thesis on The breaching dynamic of thermo-plastic materials used for radioactive fuel envelopes

1989-92 : Engineer at Ecole Centrale de Paris, specialized in Material Physical Sciences.

Expertise and research activity

Research themes:

Participation to expert groups

Scientific Management:



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Projects (selection):

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Scientific Publications

Peer-reviewed articles :


Internal Reports:

The service where I spent the first part of my career (DM2S, 1995-2002) asked that scientific restitution be expressed as internal reports. Only exceptionally were articles dedicated to a wider audience submitted to public journals. The list hereafter covers the whole CEA period:


Other contributions (Selection, including Work Supervised at Onema)


Personal contributions, expertise


Ecole Centrale de Marseille, international Master "Geophysical flows and global change awareness", on Global impacts of climate change :


English: proficient (TOEIC 980/990)

Allemand : geschrieben, gelesen, gesprochen

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